atelier "mon amie crochet"


sometimes I open my door and let all the people waiting and suffering for interest inside. this happened  on the 13. october 2013, well, we may hope that the white door will as well be opened once again.




   what a busy day for the crowd to get in!





I gave my heart a kick ...  


and opened the door for some great hours on the 18. October 2015. the first visitors whom I accompanied through my excellent exposition excused themselves and told me that they might be too old for the "filth" shown in my house gallery, I tried to excuse and let them go.


For the last visitor on this day in October I didn`t open the door, I closed my eyes, in case, you never know.







                                                                                 .... what a luck to have a dog to guard the mess!       





 .....this year I opened my door for jessy, charles and george ...and all the other likeable germs, diseases and avant-gardists. everybody seemed  to be welcomed on the day of muscle graves and apple cake - but however live is not always a model and the after is not always the before and the between nothing more than a little bit of everything...





 ... in fact, george was the first who knocked at the door, he queued up in bitter expectation of a remarkable picture show hours before ; finally he was kicked out by his neighbours jessy and charles, who as well wanted to be the firsts - tears, bodies and stuff flew  and the tragedy cried throuh the art palace...- I had to close the door and clean the room exactly to get  - gosh - all the evil out...

                                                          .. don`t fear the next meeting - it will be without jessy, charles and george!






...sorry but we do have to chew the birches, the wind and the snow!....yes, we go on the underground!


aktuelles kunstprojekt: "wir kauen birken, wind und schnee"

aufgrund der großen nachfrage werden alle diesjährigen kunst-expositions nach unten verlagert. wir freuen uns auf die unendlichen möglichkeiten - örtlichkeit suchen, grube graben, kunst reinhängen, erde drauf schwingen und hängen lassen. für den betrachter eventuell uninteressant, für den underground ein erlebnis!- gehen und wandeln sie über ein sammelsurium an hängender kunst!



  ...oh yeah, wir lassen sie im abgrund chillen!





21.10 2018  "let`s go deeper, let`s come closer!"


"oh what a day to celebrate the art, it`s october, foggy and blood is swinging silently around and through the air and anywhere!"

to be honest - today I couldn`open the door. sometimes you can not open the door even though you want to. it`s strange and even difficult to explain. well, on one hand I wanted to open the door and let all the art sickers, strolchis and ladies in, but - on the other hand I couldn`t. I couldn`t find the key even though the key was in my hand. okay, it`s definitely hard to understand, but what I do want to say is - that today the door stayed closed....and I stayed alone. But in my mind I had all my friends and people with me ... hanging around in the cellar gallery and looking for the spirit of art. It`s a kind of horror because who wants to enter a cellar in times like these. well, my friends seem to fear nothing. they entered. And they quite felt okay there. I didn`t want to lock them up inside. but ...I had to... You know to offer security and to keep violence away I had to lock them up - you never know. but - if you - want to come one day to enter my sharky cellar gallery and to feel the spirit of art living there - and of course to get to know the people there, feel free to come in!- the door might be open or not. "let`s go deeper, let`s go closer!" ....






 ... and if so, don`t fear to be robbed, taken away or even destroyed in my sharky cellar gallery. Because there is a professional museum guard around taking care and guarding you and the rest.

                                              Mr. Mold  




  "Beware of Mr Mold!"





20.10. 2019

  literatur projekt "wörter in die luft"



    ... aber am ende/ verschimmelt doch alles und nichts bleibt bleibt wie es war aber am ende verschimmelt doch alles

     und die bilder an der wand werden zu einer paranoia und der wahnsinn im kopf zu einem rendezvous aber am ende

     verschimmelt doch alles und nichts bleibt bleibt wie es war denn am ende verschimmelt doch alles ...



18.10. 2020


Watch Corona peng and you will dress yourself with new ideas. corona peng - kick, kill, murder or vomit the virus and if nothing of these variations is having success ...flush it down the toilett - yepp!




... as I am not parting - actually - this year I have chosen the possiblity to vanish and act in the underground cause you never know what is going to happen above.




Corona peng - shows something which you shouldn `t see cause your unconsiousness is secret -Beware! In case of the fact that you should see it, don`t let your thoughts kill you ... 

Corona Peng is somethow like a question.. of - Could violence be the only and last solution to get rid of the demon? Could violence be the chance to kick out the monstrous virus to free yourself of the unhuman illness?- 

Corona Peng and nothing more for breakfast, lunch and dinner and probably all through the day, the brain is fed with strangesness like the ticking of the clock is always surrounding you, so how is it possible to flee and to believe something else?-


...  kick, kill, murder or vomit the virus!